Collection: Office Glass & Mirrors

Cleaning for walls, windows
  • Glass Office Desk


    How to find best glass table cleaner? Just check our products. We have nice APC Cleaner for often use. It will clean any surface . No water needed. Also dont forget to cover your glas with Glass Coating. It will protect your table from extarnal impacts.

  • Facade & Partitions

    Facade & Partitions

    External facade cleaning its a main problem which we have at work. We always want clear view from our office window. And Glass Cleaner & Shine is the best helper for that job. To safe your time in the future in cleaning also use Glass Coating.

  • Mirrors


    The best way to clean mirrors without streaks its to buy our Glass Cleaner & Shine. It great cleaner for any type of mirrors. And and the best way to get rid of fog its our Fog Eluminator.

  • Display Walls


    Best cleaner for tv screen its our APC Cleaner. And if you want to protect your display from dustin future also choose Glass Coating.