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A hydrophobic covering to protect all types of textiles from the adverse effects of the environment. Ideal for all types of clothing (jackets, sportswear, outerwear), furniture, carpets, vehicle upholstery and seats. This water-based product with nanosilver has been especially created to achieve maximum environmental friendliness.  It is suitable for all types of fabrics and suede leathers - natural and synthetic.


Ingredients: Aminomodified Polydimethylsiloxane Siloxanes and Silicones, 3-[(2-aminoethyl) amino]propyl Me, di-Me, hydroxy-terminated 1 - <2.5%. 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethanol <1%.

Additional Ingredients: Water, Nanosilver, UV stabilisers, Wetting agents.

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Bottle Size: 21x5x5cm - 250ml (350g)

Method of Use

Test for surface compatibility on a small area.

Spray product onto suede leather or textiles. If necessary, wipe with a sponge to allow product to penetrate deeply into fiber structure. Allow to dry. 75% of the product's activity interacts with the surface immediately after drying. Full activity is reached within 48 hours after drying. The duration of action of the product depends on the type of textile and leather.

The product is ready to use. Do not mix with water or other products.


Safe storage temperature: 5 °C - 30 °C

Shelf life: 36

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Hydrophobic covering for protection of suede leather and fabrics

Thanks to its unique formula "Protect Textile" penetrates inside the fibers, bonding and covering them with a special layer that repels dirt and provides the maximum level of protection against all types of dirt: grease stains, dirt, dust, water and any other substances that can damage your clothes. The air permeability of the covered surface remains unchanged. The nano-silver particles not only form a protective layer, which greatly facilitates the cleaning process later on, but also create an antibacterial effect. This disinfecting process protects you from any harmful substances such as viruses, fungi and bacteria, Our product does not contain any bleaching agents that would affect the brightness and color of textiles.