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Screen & Glass - Perfectly clean:  Eye glasses, mobile phones and notebooks display, TV screens, Mirrors and many other glass surfaces. 

Cloth Cleaner - for any kind of cloth (easily copes with the dirtiness of all types of materials: leather, upholstery , suede , and fabric) .

Leather Cleaner - The product is compatible with all types of fabrics: from natural to synthetic. Perfectly clean luggage, bags, shoes, belts, jackets, furniture, upholstery, car seats or any other leather or suede product.

APC Universal Cleaner - For light cleaning of any surfaces (metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood) . You can easily clean fingerprints, stains, dust, rain stains, marker notes, grease at home, hotel, restaurant or any other place. 

Footwear protector - The product is compatible with all types of fabrics, leather and suede - natural and synthetic. Special coating layer protects against grease stains, dirt, dust, salt, water, snow and any other substances that can damage your shoes. 

Bundle include:

Footwear protector -1pc (60ml), Leather Cleaner - 1pc (60ml), All-Purpose Cleaner - 1pc (60ml), Cloth Cleaner - 1pc (60ml), Screen & Glass Cleaner - 1pc (60ml), Waterproof bag, Microfibre Cloth - 3pcs.

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Bag size: 20x20cm - 200g

Method of Use

Apply to the surface to be cleaned and then remove dirt with a brush or cloth. Collect the excess liquid and dirt with a microfibre cloth. It is recommended to rinse off any remaining product residue.
The product is ready to use and must not be diluted with water or mixed with other products.


Safe storage temperature: 5 °C - 30 °C

Shelf life: 36

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60ml Travel kit for everybody around the world

Our all travel kit products:

Does not contain aggressive components (chlorine, acids), which can damage the surface. The product does not leave white spots after cleaning, streaks and does not disturb the texture of the material. The high concentration of active ingredients provides a low consumption of the spray.The cleaner does not contain chlorine, so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Thanks to nanosilver particles, surfaces will regain and permanently retain their impeccable purity and shine. It will also have a disinfecting and protective effect. Nanosilver prevents the spread of pathogens like (bacteria, fungi, viruses)