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Special Wash-in Gel Laundry Detergent is for special, functional fabrics!

Wash-in Gel is designed for waterproof, breathable, casual and sportswear, which is exposed to sweat and stains on a daily basis and has a risk of rapid wear and tear.

It is suitable for washing membrane, cotton, viscose, polyester, elastane, lycra, acrylic fabrics.

The product contains nano-silver, which guarantees the highest quality washing. Thanks to the properties of nano-silver, clothes are also protected against harmful microorganisms such as germs, viruses and fungi. The washing process is antibacterial.  


Ingredients: Lipase, triacylgl, Non-ionic surfactants 5<15%, Anionic surfactants 1<30%, ycerol, Proteases with the exception of those specified elsewhere in this Annex. May produce an allergic reaction.
Additional Ingredients: Enzymes, Nanosilver, Disinfectants.

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Bottle Size: 23x8x8cm - 500ml (450g)

Method of Use

Use as a normal detergent (read the label). As the detergent has no odours, the use of rinsing liquids is not recommended. Please shake before using.

Dilution ratio:
Handwashing: If capacity around 2kg - For Soft/hard fabrics, 45ml/70ml
Washing machine:
If capacity the 2.5kg - for soft fabrics 70ml / 90ml if heavily soiled and for hard fabrics 90ml / 110ml if heavily soiled.
If capacity the 5kg - for soft fabrics 110ml / 130ml if heavily soiled and for hard fabrics 130ml / 150ml if heavily soiled.


pH (clean) at 20°C 6.5 – 7.5
Shelf life: 36 months.
Safe storage temperature: 5 oC – 30 oC

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Odourless liquid for washing all functional fabrics with antibacterial effect

This effective detergent removes dirt, stains, odors, retains fabric shape and elasticity. It also protects the fabric structure and prevents fading. This universal product does not cause discolouration or leave stains or scratches that may affect the aesthetic appearance of textile surfaces.

The use of this detergent creates a textile nano-coating. It will give your clothes hydrophobic properties that protect against the negative effects of the environment. This protective layer will ensure longer use of your clothes and fabrics, keeping them looking new and beautiful for longer.

In the process of creating the product, we did not use chlorine and other harmful chemical elements. The ingredients are produced in environmentally friendly processes. It can be used with complete confidence when washing clothes, both for adults and children.