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Household cleaners

HOME cleaners and disinfectants

Home cleaning is a process that includes cleaning floors, carpets, furniture, glass, plumbing from dirt, grease, lime scale, dust, hair, stains and pet marks. For effective cleaning, you need a quality product. Disinfecting all surfaces and using eco-friendly products is very important for your health. We have all these qualities in our detergents.

Office cleaning

Multi-purpose OFFICE disinfectant

The office is a place of constant concentration of pathogens, viruses, dirt and dust. Glass surfaces, office furniture, carpeting, work units, office equipment and other surfaces are disinfected and cleaned daily in the office. Our disinfectants coat surfaces with a protective nanofilm, and have a long-lasting protection against bacteria and maintenance of cleanliness.

Commercial cleaning

Professional COMMERCIAL detergents

Disinfection and cleaning of hotels, cafés, restaurants, beauty salons, medical facilities, kindergartens, businesses and warehouses is carried out daily. To maintain the necessary level of hygiene in public places, it is necessary to use detergents to clean various surfaces from food and construction residues, chemical substances, daily street dirt, as well as to disinfect from various microbes and viruses. Industrial collection of detergents by Nanoteqa does this all.

Car detailing

CAR cleaners and detergents

Car washing needs ingredients that cope with oil and grease stains, soot and rust, reagents, as well as all kinds of precipitation. These detergents are used to clean the surfaces of the body, engine, wheels, windows, interior, including leather plastic and metal parts. Using eco-friendly, safe and effective cleaners is important. Our cleaning company has specially produced a unique collection for washing any type of car.

Hydrophobic coating

HYDROPHOBIC and protective coating

A hydrophobic coating is a water-repellent agent to protect the surface against natural and chemical damages, as well as rust, chips, scratches and everyday dirt. The coating includes silver nanoparticles, which creates a protective shell on the car, furniture, screens of office equipment, ceramics, plastic, metal, glass, thereby giving brightness and color saturation. It is common to use such nanocoatings to refresh products made of aluminum and chrome, leather and textiles.

Wood cleaning

Disinfectant neutral WOOD Bio detergent

There are many wooden objects around us such as furniture, toys, parquet, laminate, table tops, doors, bath walls, car interior parts and many more. It is important to use gentle, eco-friendly and quality wood cleaners. Only our product allows refreshing the wooden surface, give it environmental protection and maintain its original structure. Its composition of nanoparticles disinfects and is safe to use.

Metal cleaning

METAL synthetic detergent

Metal is found in both industrial and home applications. Most often, when treating metal surfaces with cleaners, we try to achieve a mirror-like shine, degrease and environmental protection. We also try to remove limescale, grease, rust, fingerprints, and many other contaminants peculiar to metals. And here we have succeeded by creating a line of products for cleaning any surfaces of steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, stainless steel, cast iron and precious metals.

Plastic cleaning

Eco-friendly PLASTIC detergent with disinfecting effect

Plastic is used almost everywhere these days. For example, in the manufacture of children's toys, furniture, phones, televisions, computers, various accessories, utensils, car parts... Of course, it is also used in medicine, at home, in industry, catering and offices. The most important aspect when cleaning plastic surface is its disinfection from viruses, fungi and bacteria. Detergents should be as eco-friendly and effective as possible. Only by choosing our household chemicals, you will get all these properties.

Stone Cleaning

STONE alkaline detergent

Stone has always been used for many purposes. Often, we have to clean natural and artificial stone from oil, oil stains, carbon deposits, dry dirt, sediments, mold, mildew, paint, lime scale and many other contaminants. To cope with all this, we recommend you to use a new generation of household chemicals. It will bring back the natural shade, complete cleanliness and shine of stones. Nanoteqa products are suitable for both polished and natural stone.

Ceramic cleaning

Multi-purpose CERAMICS cleaner

Ceramics is a fragile material; therefore, it requires special care. Dishes, stoves, sinks and car parts are few things made of it. It’s no easy feat to give it cleanliness, amazing shine, protect it from scratches, maintain its structure, plus get rid of grease, dirt, limescale, and disinfect it. But we'll make it simple for you. Our antibacterial cleaners can do it all effortlessly.

Glass cleaning

The best GLASS & MIRROR cleaner

Glass and mirror with spotless shine – that’s the result we’re looking for trying to get rid of drips, streaks, finger stains, scale, plaque. Detergent special nanoformula allows cleaning any dirt from mirrors, windows, shower cabins, displays, car windows, lacquered surfaces. It is by far the best product for cleaning glass surfaces. It creates a special film of nanoparticles repelling water, dirt and dust. Therefore, glass and lacquered objects remain clean and transparent longer.