Collection: Social Places

  • Kindergarten


    High-quality and safe cleaning of kindergartens is the most important task for adults. Only absolutely environmentally friendly and anti-allergenic liquids are suitable for such a difficult task. But even here, the NANOTEKA company has developed a children's line. For furniture - Textile Cleaner and Leather Cleaner are perfect. And for every day - the universal APC Cleaner will always help out

  • School Desks


    The school is a crowded building. Often with beautiful old architecture. Therefore, facade windows must always be clean. As for aesthetics, so for transparency. The best window cleaner is Glass Сleaner & Shine. And in order not to have to wash them often, we offer a special Glass Coating. It will fully protect against natural external influences.

  • University


    The last step in studies is the University. All students always try to look appropriate, according to the rules of the institution. Therefore, all clothes should always be strict, clean and fresh. We will be happy to help you with this. Simply choose an eco-friendly, antibacterial Wash in Gel laundry detergent. Also, by law, such institutions must be treated with a disinfectant. That's why we took care of it and created an alcohol-free Nanosilver Spray.

  • Care Services

    Care service

    We always care about the safety of the health of our customers. Eco-friendly, chlorine-free, acid-free - these are just some of the important decisions we have implemented in the production of our fluids. Therefore, the cleaning of the nursing home is under our special control. For everyday cleaning of toilets, use Active Bath. Daily Floor is perfect for polishing and washing floors. And be sure to try the unique Kitchen Surface Cleaner tool to wipe the dust and get rid of stains every day.