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    During the pandemic, coronavirus hand sanitizers, or simply skin antiseptics, have become a part of our everyday life.

    And while they have been used, people noticed their disadvantages. For example, alcohol-based antiseptics have a pungent odor, irritate the skin, and, according to scientific studies, can cause a negative condition similar to a hangover in sensitive patients. Also, it is not always true that they kill 99% of germs.

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    The basic list of disinfectants and antiseptics in our modern world has proven to be simply ineffective in the current pandemic. Antibacterial hand sanitizers to fight coronavirus are very much in demand these days. And it is quite difficult to find effective sanitizers that really fight this virus. In order to solve this problem once and for all, leading European scientists, working for Nanoteqa, have developed a unique antibacterial product, combining the latest scientific achievements in nanotechnology and the bactericidal properties of silver. All of our solutions are completely eco-friendly. 

How does our high-tech product work?

Free particles of silver ions have the ability to penetrate harmful microorganisms and interfere with their oxygen supply, thereby disrupting their vital functions. The effectiveness of colloidal silver against coronavirus has been confirmed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which has listed colloidal silver ions as a suitable disinfectant for COVID-19.  

Nanoteqa Antibacterial Spray


By adding particles of special substances to the silver molecules, which are attractive to microorganisms, they contribute to the action of swallowing them on their own “like bait”, thus accelerating their destruction. Such a process creates a disinfecting effect.  This parament of nano compositions leave far behind the main antibacterial products used today, which are characterized by bacterial resistance. 

Our product has been proven to kill 99% of harmful microbes of any nature.

Nanotechnology makes this process even more effective in the field of disinfection. 

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  • No skin dryness

    No skin dryness

    Unlike alcohol-based antiseptics, they are completely non-drying to the skin. The innovative, eco-friendly, water-based formulation without harmful chemicals makes them not only effective but also hypoallergenic. The products are completely safe and suitable for use both for infant children and adults with allergies and hypersensitivities.

  • Food can be processed before consumption

    Food can be processed before consumption

    They are so harmless that they allow food to be processed before consumption. These products are based on distilled water and nanosilver without added harmful additives.

  • Odorless and fragrance-free

    Odorless and fragrance-free

     The absence of odors and fragrances makes it possible to use them in any environment, since they do not irritate skin and nose.

  • Alcohol-Free


    Today's antiseptics contain alcohol, which dries the skin on your hands and causes irritation. Our team provides a wide range of antiseptics that do not contain alcohol, but have an instant bactericidal effect, eliminating the growth of microbes.

  • Long-lasting effect

    Long-lasting effect

    While other antiseptics evaporate in a few tens of seconds, our formulation remains on the skin as a special protective nanofilm that protects you from pathogens for 8 hours. Such a long-acting protection effect is cost-efficient, and you won’t have to constantly remind yourself to clean your hands with sanitizers.

Nanosilver Spray

Nanoteqa Sanitizers

Nanospray is a powerful product that will help you win your own small victory over the epidemic. It is an irreplaceable companion for doctors who constantly face infection, as well as for food industry workers and all those who value sterility and safety. Nanoteqa will be part of your healthy life! 

Nanoteqa Disinfectant Store takes care of your health! Our store has an extensive list of different products based on nanosilver. 

Absolutely all Nanospray antiseptics have been laboratory tested in the EU countries and have shown 99% efficiency against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Start taking care of your health today.