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The unique composition of nanoparticles, will not only remove the current dirt and prevent the appearance of re-appearance, but also reduce the growth of microbes, fungi, and mold, preventing unpleasant odours. Nanoteqa, the company that developed these household products, thought of all applications. You can use them even in particularly delicate places like: Kid's rooms, pets' homes, surfaces in contact with food and other delicate places. Our products do not cause allergies and do not dry the skin on the hands. Of course, the point is the uniqueness of nanotechnology: the content of incredibly small silver particles in the composition. This innovative nano-formulation of high-tech and, most importantly, safe components has made our household detergents the most practical and safe to date.

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We have developed an innovative disinfectant formulation that forms a coating that can prevent contamination of materials and surfaces.

This nano pellicle prevents dust, dirt and other contaminants from settling on the treated surface.



  • High concentration of cleaning solvents (low consumption)
  • Long lasting nano-coating and anti-static layer (7 days efficiency)
  • Silver nanoparticles are the strongest biocidal agents - They will prevent harmful microorganisms (viruses, fungi and mold)
  • By using a microfiber cloth to polish, nanoparticles can effectively penetrate the surface, resulting in a crystal-clear shine without any streaks
  • Only eco-friendly and non-aggressive chemicals
  • Special active ingredients preserve the colour and texture of the surface to be cleaned
  • We use only high-quality UK plastic (100% recycled material)
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