About Us

Experience the Power of Nanotechnology.

Superior Cleaning with Nanoteqa’s Eco-Friendly, Health-Conscious Products

  • Nanoteqa is the UK’s junior chemical company, producing exceptional cleaning products and detergents for a wide range of applications. 

  • We specialise in the wholesale and retail sale of innovative, nanotechnology-enhanced products that can be used in everyday life. We adhere to the strictest quality standards and guarantee the best offer on the market. 

  • Our products are designed with one purpose in mind: to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers. Our range includes: Automotive and construction chemicals / Household chemicals and  detergents / Hydrophobic coatings from the leading British manufacturer for moisture protection

  • To keep our customers happy, we have assembled a team of the best chemical engineers and scientists in Europe, working in a high-tech laboratory in Belgium. These highly qualified specialists work continuously to improve our products’ quality and ensure we provide effective solutions. 

  • We use only the best, top-quality materials and the latest equipment to develop products that have been rigorously tested and already revolutionised the chemical industry in the UK and worldwide.

  • We have successfully developed an innovative formula based on the highest level of chemical compounds. The unique properties of that formula achieve perfect results, even in the most difficult cases.

Revolutionising Cleaning with Nanotechnology

  • Nanotechnology is a new stage of development used in places where products with a classic structure are no longer effective. We combine meticulous British craftsmanship with stringent environmental standards, offering affordable, high-quality, and concentrated organic detergents for unparalleled cleaning power.
  • We only use top-quality materials that are approved by regulatory authorities. At Nanoteqa, we also play our part in protecting the environment. We do this by ensuring that our organic detergents exceed even the most rigorous environmental standards.
  •  Optimisation plays a crucial role in saving costs. We stand out from our competitors with the most affordable price with significantly superior quality. Plus, our active formulas deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients in every drop. This means you'll use less of our powerful cleaner for superior results and the best efficiency.


Our products are made with one goal in mind: our consumers’ health and well-being. Our products are free of: aggressive acids, alkalis, chlorine other substances that can cause allergic reactions and other irritations. Using our detergents to clean rooms with small children and animals is absolutely safe.


Health-Conscious, Cost-Effective Cleaning Solutions

These advantages make our detergents and cleaning disinfectants the best offer on the market for people who value their health, budget, effort and time.

We are not intimidated by competition with other global cleaning product manufacturers. Our products are widely available on leading marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, Etsy for retail and wholesale purchase. 

With thriving offices in the UK, we’re primed for expansion. We welcome potential partners from all corners of the globe to join us as resellers. As pioneers in the UK market, we’re proud to bring these outstanding products to your doorstep.