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This is real know-how in the world of cleanliness and disinfection. Disinfectants and cleaners for rooms and any other surfaces will help you get rid of viruses and dirt with ease.
A unique composition of nanoparticles, which will not only remove the current dirt and prevent the appearance of re-appearance, but also make a complete disinfection.
Nanoteqa, the company that developed these household products, thought of all applications. As in everyday life, offices, cars, and industry. You can use them even in particularly delicate places: Children's rooms, hospitals, public catering, etc... Our products do not cause allergies and do not dry the skin on the hands.
Of course, the point is the uniqueness of nanotechnology: the content of incredibly small silver particles in the composition. This unique nano-formulation of high-tech and, most importantly, safe components has made our household detergents the most practical to date.

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We have made a huge step in the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungus.
We have developed an innovative disinfectant formulation that forms a coating that can prevent contamination of materials and surfaces.

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With a patented, unique formula based on the nano-properties of silver, our formula is able to clean everything you need to a mirror finish. Silver nanoparticles are the strongest biocidalagents - this will help you quickly and surely get rid of bacteria,viruses and fungi.In addition, our composition will allow you to get rid of stains not only reliably, but also for a long time - nanoparticles create a protective hydrophobic and antistatic coating on the treated surfaces, which prevents the re-formation of pollution.

Our antiseptic will wash away such contaminants as:

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