Collection: Cloth

  • Leather


    How to clean leather jacket? Easily just use our great Leather Foam Cleaner. Fully eco and safe for your cloth. For best result use also Leather Coating after.

  • Handbag Hanger


    How to clean suede jacket? For that cleaning we have special our Textile Cleaner. It will help to clean fastly and safetly. To cover your coat or jacket from extarnal effect just use also Textile Coating.

  • Footwear


    Our best cleaner for shoes will help you easily to clean all dirt. Textile Cleaner or Leather Foam fully ecological and very effective in cleaning. To protect your shoes from water, snow, sun just use our protector: Footwear Coating.

  • Clothing Hanger

    Other Cloths

    Our suede handbag cleaner or eco leather bag cleaner or any other textile cleaner fully help you to liquidate any dirt, grease or spots. The absolutely right choose is our Textile Cleaner, Leather foam and Leather Coatings.

  • Washing Machine Appliance

    Automatic washing

    Removing stains from clothes sometime is difficult thing. But we sorted that problem. Our Wash in Gel great fit for any type of cloth. It made from bio ingredients and can be used even for kids cloth. With desenfecting effect.