Hydrophobic Coating

What is a hydrophobic coating?

A hydrophobic coating is a special surface treatment to protect against external factors such as water, snow, dirt, UV rays and dust. It also helps to minimize the formation of scratches and micro-cracks.

  • Safeguard


    When this nanotechnology is used on the flat surface, the water droplets contact with the protected surface, forming a spherical shape. Subsequently, they roll away and collect all the dirt behind them. As a result, the coated area acquires a sparkling shine, as well as protection from aggressive environment.

  • Nanotechnology


    This unique formula has a disinfecting effect at the molecular level. The nanoparticles with silver ions not only form resistance to the environment, but also protect against harmful microorganisms such as fungi, viruses and bacteria.

  • Durability


    It is important to note that the coating increases the structural strength of materials. It maximizes the durability and performance of the surface.

  • Eco


    The hydrophobic nanoliquid is absolutely eco-friendly. It is a colorless, hypoallergenic and non-flammable liquid that is not harmful to human health.



All these qualities proved the high effectiveness of the product. That’s why it is used in areas such as construction (by processing concrete, stone, wood, metal, plastic), household (by covering clothing, shoes, furniture, windows, office equipment), automotive industry (by applying it to the body, panels, interior, glass) and many other industries.

Hydrophobic Cleaning

What are the effects of hydrophobic coating:

A hydrophobic coating is a hard, invisible and at the same time effective detergent. 

In addition, it also protects from fading in the sun. Its anti-static effect prevents the effects of chemicals, salt stains and corrosion on the surface. Thanks to its structure, the nano-coating allows the material to “breathe”, without blocking the pores inside.