Collection: Restaurants, Bars, Cafe

  • Restaurant


    Cleaning tables and furniture in the main hall of the restaurant is very important. This is the prestige and face of the restaurant. Therefore, only a quality product can keep your establishment fresh and clean. The best tool for tables for every day is APC Cleaner. And to keep all the restaurant leather furniture clean, just select Leather Cleaner

  • Bar


    The bar is a frequented place. There are always a lot of people there. It is very important to keep the furniture, floors and bar counter clean and sterile. Our favorite floor cleaner is Daily Floor. For any other surfaces for every day, Kitchen Surface Cleaner is perfect. Thanks to this pair, you will not only keep your establishment clean and fresh, but also disinfect all surfaces from harmful substances.

  • Outdoor Seating


    The terrace is one of the most polluted places in public catering. Dust and dirt quickly settles on furniture and glass structures. To keep all your textiles clean, use Textile Cleaner. For glass and mirror structures, Glass Cleaner is perfect. All products have an antibacterial effect, which will allow you to comply with sanitary standards. And for further protection from external environmental influences, take a look at our selection of protective Hydrophobic Coatings.

  • Kitchen


    The heart of all restaurants, cafes and bars is the kitchen. One of the main tasks is to keep this room in perfect cleanliness. Also, all kitchen places must be treated with an antibacterial liquid and create complete sterility of all surfaces. For heavy soiling such as grease, scale, dried dirt, etc., use Degreaser. To make your countertops shine like diamonds and be perfectly clean, use Kitchen Surface Cleaner. Finally, do not forget to wash the dishes with eco-friendly Active Dishwashing