Commercial Cleaning detergents

Beyond Clean: Suitable for Almost All Surfaces

Today it’s legally required for establishments such as bars, restaurants, schools, hospitals, public transport, and offices to not just be cleaned but also properly disinfected. That’s why we offer all-purpose commercial cleaning for: Restaurants / Offices / Cafes, industrial premises / Catering businesses / Medical centres And more

 Our bestsellers include all-purpose cleaners APC and APC MAX, perfect for all daily life areas. These cleaners have two qualities: cleaning efficiency and antibacterial properties. They perfectly clean any dirt and eliminate harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

These all-purpose products are suitable for cleaning almost all known surfaces. The high concentration will minimise the amount used, which is also cost-efficient.

Experience the Unparalleled Benefits of Our All-Purpose Cleaner!

Commercial multi surface cleaning

Eco-friendliness, nice smell, diversity.

First of all, the cleaner is different, as it is created on an environmental basis. The composition is so harmless that it can be used in places such as kindergartens and medical institutions. It does not contain chlorine or alcohol, and its antibacterial properties are water-based. Right after cleaning the surface, the room will be filled with a fresh aroma of lavender. It is only left to choose the product type for a specific surface and its contamination.

restaurants cleaning supplies

Disinfection, special coating, nanotechnology.

Our products pack a punch with silver nanoparticles and powerful biocides that obliterate bacteria, viruses and fungi. They also cover cleaned surfaces with a special protective film, keeping them clean for much longer and protecting their external structure from the environment.

Different contamination

Proper surface cleaning effectively removes all types of dirt. Our advanced formula tackles just that: streaks, grease, dust, lime scale, rust and even foul odours. With just a quick polish with microfibere, your surfaces are left sparkling and colour-rich.

An effective, eco-friendly liquid with nanosilver particles effectively cleans:

Antibacterial spray

How to use:

To clean the surface, spray the liquid evenly and wipe with a brush or sponge. Next, be sure to polish the cleaned surface with microfibre. The use of water is optional.

Everything you Need to Know About How to Buy Wholesale

Quality meets convenience: At our store, we don’t just offer first-class products but also deliver them in user-friendly and attractively packaging. Our sprays are UK-tested and approved, guaranteeing the utmost quality. 

Maximise savings: Take advantage of our wholesale prices by buying our products in bulk.

Exceptional support: Our seasoned team is ready to guide you through our vast selection of premium products. Ordering is a breeze: Just visit our online store or pop us an email.

 With years of expertise, we’re here to guide you to the perfect detergent for your home or business. Reach out now – we’re eager to respond to your queries and ensure you’re delighted with our service and products.