Collection: Furniture

  • Cushioned Furniture

    Cushioned Furniture

    We made special fabric couch cleaner. And it's a Textile Cleaner. Can clean any kind of dirt. Also fully ecological and safe for human. Protect your sofa from external factors with Textile Coating.

  • Wood Furniture

    Wood Furniture

    You need wood furniture cleaner ? We can help with that. Our APC Cleaner will removed all spots, grease.. And Golden Gloss Timber will bring them shine and fresh.

  • Glass Furniture

    Glass Furniture

    If you want to have a crystal shine and clarity you just need to buy our Glass Cleaner & Shine. For long durability you will need also Glass Coating.

  • Metal Furniture

    Metal Furniture

    Sometimes the cleaning metal patio furniture is not so easy. But with our APC Cleaner it will be simple. For chrome parts cleaner just use our Aluminium Cleaner.

  • Plastic Furniture

    Plastic Furniture

    Cleaning plastic outdoor furniture was always boring. With our Kitchen Surface Cleaner it will be enjoyable. For durability use also Plastic Coating.

  • Leather Furniture

    Leather Furniture

    How to get best leather couch cleaner ? Simply. Check our Leather Leather Cleaner. Ecological and effective. For clear colours and durability of you leather furniture use Leather Coating.