Collection: Hotels

  • Room Cleaning


    All hotel rooms must be perfectly clean and disinfected. It is the freshness of the radiance and the renewed surfaces that give out the prestige of the hotel. For a radiant bath, simply buy Active Bath. To clean dust and stains, APC Cleaner will suit you. Suede furniture is cleaned by Textile Cleaner. All of these antibacterial agents

  • Facade Cleaning


    The facade of your building is the cover of the brand. Cleanliness is as important as the design itself. For glass showcases, Glass Cleaner is perfect. And to protect against natural external influences, and keep clean for a long time, use the unique Glass Coating product. If you need a protective layer for a different surface, just explore our range Hydrophobic Coatings.

  • Kitchen Cleaning


    Every chef considers his kitchen to be his home. Therefore, it always maintains sanitation and freshness. We will help him with this. Aluminium Cleaner is a unique liquid for chrome and aluminum products. And to wash fats, dig and stubborn dirt, use Degreaser. For versatility, we have created specially for kitchen surfaces Kitchen Surface Cleaner

  • Restuarant Cleaning


    Dishes and uniforms of waiters are one of the most important accents in a restaurant. Wash-in-Gel will help you take care of the whiteness and freshness of your clothes. And in order to always have the whole serving in crystal clearness on the table, get Active Dishwashing. And do not forget to clean tables and chairs with APC Cleaner after each client leaves.