Collection: Office Cloth & Shoes

  • Shoes


    Our shoe cleaning kit is the hit of selling. We have as for leather as for suede. Just choose from Leather Foam or Textile Cleaning and will get great result. And to protect your nice shoes from weather impacts also buy Footwear Protector.

  • Leather Lap Top Bags


    When you are on the meeting very important to have clean bag. Thats why you need good and small leather bag cleaner with you. Leather Foam fully ecological and have antibacterial effect for your health safe.

  • Suede Handbags


    Suede purse cleaner for women is the main part in her life. We created great cleaner for her. Textile Cleaner will renew your small bag and will made as new. ECO, nice smell and antibacterial effect -all in one.

  • Cloth Suits


    Best clothes washer is a Wash in Gel. Yes it really great washer. It's completely ecological, have antibacterial effect and restore your textile. If you are looking the best froduct for your expensive cloth it is righ choose.