Collection: Furniture Business

  • Restorer


    Each furniture restaurateur at the end of the order always wants to present the order in the best possible way. Therefore, our special protective layers Hydrophobic Coatings will help you bring shine, brightness of colors and renewal. And for just antibacterial treatment and cleanliness, you can always choose APC Cleaner.

  • Antqiues


    The fragility of antiques and their value has always been a collector's concern. For safe cleaning, always use only reliable cleaning products. Such as APC Cleaner (for everyday care) and Kitchen Surface Cleaner (for more gentle care.) For complete protection, just explore the variety of Hydrophobic Coatings protectors.

  • Shop


    For public catering, a frequent problem is the choice of a high-quality and inexpensive product for cleaning various furniture. After all, each of their clients wants to have dinner or lunch in a clean and pleasant place. The company NANOTEQA solved this issue. Universal remedy for all APC Cleaner surfaces. For more expensive and rare surfaces, use Kitchen Surface Cleaner.

  • Cleaning Company

    Cleaning Company

    Cleaning companies, in order to compete in such a competitive market, must always use the most environmentally friendly and high-quality cleaning products. The customer's furniture is a very valuable and important order. That's why, for cleaning suede and upholstered furniture, use Textile Cleaner. And for leather products, Leather Cleaner is perfect. To ensure that the client is finally satisfied for their protection and durability, try our high-tech nano Textile Coating and Hydrophobic Leather Coating.