Collection: Office Furniture

  • Suede Sofa


    Our suede stain remover are great friend in office. Textile Cleaner or APC Cleaner will easily remove any dirt from your furniture.Also use Textile coating. Its protection from water and any other impacts.

  • Leather Sofa


    How to clean leather office chair? Just choose our Leather foam cleaner. It will sort it. For best result also use Leather coating. It will help to cover and protect from outside.

  • Cloth Sofa


    Office chair cleaning is very important thing. Any worker of office must do that for his healty. Our Textile cleaner or APC Cleaner will do that for you. They are great for cleaning any type of dirt.

  • Wood Furniture


    Our furniture polish is greatest product from our shop. Golden Gloss Timber will gives a shine and newest of your office furniture. And for everyday cleaning just use APC Cleaner.