Collection: Office Desinfection

  • Reception


    Sanitize of you office reception is very important part. Let's to help you with that. We created unicum antibacterial liquid which can clean any surface. Nanosilver Spray is our hit.

  • Meeting Room

    Meeting Room

    Use our NanoSilver spray to disinfect meeting room. Be safe and protect your helt ant your partners. No bad smell, fully ecological.

  • Shared Desk

    Shared Desk

    Have a bad smell in your area? Want to clear it? We can help. Try our great product which will destroy any bad smell. Safe and reliable helper in your office. Fragrance-free air freshener will do his job idealy.

  • Main Desk

    Main Desk

    Director area is most important place in the office. Thats why must be ready in good place. Sanitize, Cleane and make nice smell before start working of your company head. Just find out our Nanosilver spray and Fragrance-free air freshener.