Collection: Public Transport

  • Underground Cleaning


    It is very important to maintain cleanliness in places such as the subway. It also requires disinfection. APC Cleaning MAX is suitable for cleaning and antibacterial effect of turnstiles and other hard dirty surfaces. To keep the chairs clean, use Textile Cleaning.

  • Ground Cleaning


    Buses, like the Metro, need constant cleaning and disinfection of the interior. For leather seats use our unique Leather Foam Cleaner. For all other surfaces, Gastronomic Cleaner is suitable for you. And to make the windows shine with crystal clearness, try Glass Cleaner & Shine.

  • Air Cleaning


    Aircraft cleanliness is a public transport priority. Antibacterial and shine of the cabin is necessary to maintain the image of the airline. APC Cleaner is perfect for all surfaces. You can clean the seats with either Leather Foam Cleaner or Textile Cleaner, depending on the type of fabric. For the durability of the interior material, use our Coatings.

  • Boat Cleaning


    Yachts, ships, boats are most often a luxury item. That's why, it is very important to use high quality detergents so as not to damage the surfaces. Use Leather Foam Cleaner to renew and cleanse the leather seats. To make all chrome and aluminum parts shine, try Aluminium Cleaner Home. And be sure to treat all surfaces with our Coating products. For all other surfaces use antibacterial ECO APC Cleaner.